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 Mercenary test rubric

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PostSubject: Mercenary test rubric   Sat Jan 02, 2016 7:45 pm

The following rubric will be used to see if one is able to become a mercenary.

Rules for the test.

1. All tests duels will be a 2-3 match.

2. All tier one, burn, exodia, final countdown, etc. decks are banned. Any use of these kinds of decks is a automatic fail of the test.

3. If a D/C commences on the testees part then he/she are allowed to make up the test once. If he/she D/Cs again then the test will be counted as a failure.

4. Any cheating of any kind in this test will result as a failure of the test.


Testers name:
Testers deck:

Testees name:
Testees deck:

Deck build: ?/10 (Was the testees build effective for his/her deck?)

Deck originality: ?/10 (Was the deck original in its build. Is it a one of a kind or just another net deck?)

Deck consistency ?/10 (Did the testees deck clog up to much or was it as smooth as butter?)

Knowledge of deck: ?/10 (Did the testee know what he/she was doing with the deck?)

Siding: ?/10 (Did the testee side in any cards to help gain a advantage during the duel? If no siding was commenced then the testee will be graded on how effective his/her side deck is by the tester. If no side deck then no points.)

Duel control: ?/10 (Did the testee have good control of the field during the game?)

Misplays: ?/10 (Did the testee mess up in his/her duel? deduct two points per misplay.)

Attitude: ?/10 (Was the testee polite during the duel?)

wins: ?/10 (did the testee win any games? 5 points per win.)

Testers thoughts: ?/10 (Testers opinion here.

Score to pass: 70/100

Testee score: ?/100
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Mercenary test rubric
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